Ways YOU Can Support STAGES Youth Theater!



Help STAGES Reach for the Stars during our Summer Crowdfunding Campaign! This summer we are raising money to purchase equipment for use in our theater venue – including a very special ladder.

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Your support
makes it possible for us to continue providing a safe, inclusive space in which kids of all ages, abilities & backgrounds can find their voice through our nurturing theater programs.

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If you’d like to send a tangible gift to STAGES Youth Theater, read on!

STAGES has an ongoing Amazon wishlist. These books, craft supplies, school products, and other items are critical to our ongoing programs and improvement of our performance venue.


Thank you for your consideration! Do not hesitate to contact STAGES any time with questions about other charitable giving opportunities.
(207) 699-3330

Your generosity supports students like those featured in this short STAGES documentary by Allen Baldwin!


“When you graduate from STAGES you wish you could do it all over again. STAGES helped me grow as a person and I truly miss it.”

DJ Nicholas, STAGES Alum

“STAGES got me more interested in theater!  Everybody’s nice, you get to make friends, it’s like a family! When I was 10, I didn’t know what it would be like on stage. But when I finally got up on there with confidence, there was a spark in me. The more shows I was in, the more… Continue reading Sarah Krause, STAGES Alum

Sarah Krause, STAGES Alum