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STAGES Youth Theater emerged from the challenges of 2020 with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility, and for the past two years we have harnessed that energy to make theater in new and innovative ways and adapted our programming to better serve Maine youth. Most importantly, we created safe, nurturing, and fun spaces for young people grappling with the ongoing turbulence of pandemic life. When there wasn’t much for our kids to rely on, STAGES provided a consistent outlet for self-expression and a harbor for self-discovery. 

These years have also brought unprecedented uncertainties that haven’t abated even as we all adjust to a “new normal.”  We are expanding our vision of what STAGES is and what we can be, but events outside our control – namely the constantly evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic – make it difficult for us to confidently predict or plan for the future.

That’s where you come in. Will you donate today to STAGES Youth Theater and help to ensure our groundbreaking theater education programs continue to thrive beyond this period of economic uncertainty? Your generous support is more vital than ever.

Thank you for believing in our small non-profit, for valuing the magic of theater, and for investing in our children’s future.

Your contribution of any amount will help STAGES Youth Theater connect with more young people through the pandemic and far beyond!  

If you prefer to mail a gift, checks can be made payable to “STAGES/Portland Youth Theater” and sent to: STAGES Youth Theater, 202 Woodford St, Portland, ME 04103

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