Ready to PLAY at STAGES? All production experiences are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. No prior stage experience is necessary, as we believe that all kids hold tremendous creative potential, and will benefit from our nurturing, kid-focused rehearsal environment. We know it is a big commitment – of your time, trust and resources – to register your student for a STAGES program.


Review the Payment Plan details and determine your payment preferences.

Please make review and make sure you understand the details of the STAGES Refund Policy. **ALL TUITION DEPOSITS AND PAYMENT INSTALLMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.**

Check your program’s location – either at STAGES Youth Theater (202 Woodford Street in Portland), or at Breakwater School (856 Brighton Ave in Portland).
**Please note that all STAGES Programs for all ages are closed, “drop-off” classes. There will be no parent/friend observation or participation in any class at any time. (all classes have final sharing presentations or fully-staged public performances for this purpose).**

Register for your STAGES Program!


Questions, concerns, or want to register by phone/email? Contact STAGES any time:
PHONE: (207) 699-3330
Please Note: EMAIL is often the FASTEST way to reach STAGES.

Available Discounts for STAGES Programs

The following discounts are currently available for STAGES programs.
Please note it may not be possible to self-register with these discounts.
If you believe you are eligible for one/more of the following discounts, please email for more information and assistance with your registration process.

Sibling Discount:
15% – when two or more siblings are registered for the same program, or for programs taking place in the same semester. Applicable to all registered siblings in the same program/semester. Available year-round.

Partner Discounts:
STAGES offers 15% discounts to students enrolled at some of the schools at which we provide regular programming. Discounts are currently available for students enrolled at Ocean House Child Development Center, and for students enrolled in the K-8 day program at Breakwater School.

Secure, Convenient, Online Registration is available for all STAGES programs.
However, please contact STAGES to register if:

  • You believe you are eligible for a discount (sibling, school-specific, other)
  • Your child is a few days from an age cut-off and you are unable to register online
  • You wish to create a payment plan that is not listed in the standard online options
  • You wish to pay for your registration by check, money order, or cash