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MACBETHDigital Theater Experience – Coming Soon!
Written by: William Shakespeare
Adapted by: STAGES Shakespeare Ensemble

Victorious from battle, Macbeth meets three witches on the heath. Driven by their disturbing prophecies (and spurred to action by his wife), he sets out on a murderous path to take the Scottish throne. Join the STAGES production of MACBETH –  Shakespeare’s psychological thriller about ambition, betrayal, guilt and madness. This production features the all-student STAGES Shakespeare Ensemble (ages 12+). In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MACBETH has been adapted to meet our unique socially-distant circumstances. We are pleased to announce that MACBETH will take place as an exciting digital theater project. More details will be released as we determine how and when we will share the final film with our families. Questions can be directed to: hello@stagesacademy.com