STAGES Sponsors & Donors

We are honored to recognize the supporters and friends that make STAGES Youth Theater’s programming possible. We simply couldn’t do it without you! If you are interested in supporting STAGES please click here for more information, or contact us any time.


The Onion Foundation
SBA Shuttered Venue Operators Grant


Cassandra Marie Events
Coffee By Design
Oxbow Blending & Bottling


Leslie Anderson
Donna Andrews
Jonathan Arey
Allen Baldwin
Robin Barstow
Misty Beasley
Elizabeth Bliss
Steve & Gemma Cannon
Tammy Caron
Robin Carter
Erin Cinelli
Brenda Collins
Andrew P. Colston
Katelin Day & Emily Dixon
Deanna Etienne
Julie & Brian Fournier
Judith Fraser
Rebecca Fraser-Thill
Maria Fox & Mark Shaughnessy
Deirdre Fulton McDonough
Alisha Goldblatt
Mary Goodman
Natalie Grammer
Carolyn Graney & Mike Wilson
Fred Greenhalgh
Meredith Greer
Amy Haile
Michelle Handley
Felice & John Harlow
Andrea Hester
Jean Jacobs
Elma Jessen
Nancy Jones
Danya Kazakavich
Judith Kazakavich
Jim Kenney
Mnemosyne Knight
Lisa & David Koloski
Stacey & Daniel Koloski
Judith & Richard Koloski

Zoe Lewis
Hope MacDonald
Mark Magee
Daniel & Susan Mancine
Christine Louise Marshall
Melinda Marston
Lindsey Mattei
Bethany Mateosian (in honor of Hollye Seddon)
Benn May
Lisa Mayo
Benjamin McNaboe
Hester Mishkin
Joelle Morris
Jackie Oliveri
Elizabeth Patterson
Jeffrey Peterson
Jennifer Pochurek
Jill Porter
Patricia Porter
Elizabeth Provost
Sally Reagan
Marty & Nola Riback
Doris Rohrbach
Marizela & Jansen Savic
Hollye & Dave Seddon
Judy & Dave Seddon
Devyn & Kendall Shaughnessy
Amy Simpson
Andrew Smith
Margaret Spann
Judy & Michael St. Jean
Sally Struever & Peter Eiermann
Cecile Sullivan Rohrbach
Jamie Swenson
Teresa Valliere
Shannon Wade
Toni & Kevin Wade
Charity West
Erik Whitton
Mary Wilkinson
Vicky Wilson (in honor of Hollye Seddon)
Shannon Wooten

This list includes recent donations made through August 25, 2022. We make every effort to keep this list up to date and complete – please contact us if there are any errors or omissions.

STAGES also gratefully acknowledges the following organizations and individuals who have contributed advice, expertise, volunteer hours, products and/or other services in support of our mission this year: Meg Anderson, Woodford’s Congregational Church

“STAGES brings together people who may not have met otherwise and allows kids to develop the skills to make friends in a setting outside of school. Without theater, some of my dearest friends would be strangers to me.”

Colby Marvin, STAGES Alum

“STAGES got me more interested in theater!  Everybody’s nice, you get to make friends, it’s like a family! When I was 10, I didn’t know what it would be like on stage. But when I finally got up on there with confidence, there was a spark in me. The more shows I was in, the more… Continue reading Sarah Krause, STAGES Alum

Sarah Krause, STAGES Alum