Private Lessons

Welcome to the STAGES Private Lessons Studio!

  • One dedicated teaching artist committed to your student’s lessons journey
  • A customized instruction model based on your student’s unique interests and goals
  • The music, scripts, scores, and other materials for use in lessons and in home practice
  • Access to online/Zoom instruction when/if the need arises
  • An opportunity (optional) to continue lessons during summer months

More Information about STAGES Private Lessons

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Private Lessons Schedule/Tuition Logistics

We’d love to work with your student for the entire school year, as consistent, ongoing instruction and practice provides the best opportunity for learning a new skill. We also know that kids and families are busy, and hope our four-session model will help to accommodate the shifting schedules of our students and families during the school year.

The lessons schedule for the upcoming semester appears below. If you are looking for short-term private coaching, or if you desire a time/day that is not listed, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, as there are possibilities on other days with certain instructors.

Piano w/Rebecca
Voice w/Colin
Piano w/Rebecca
Voice w/Lauren
Voice w/ Lauren
Please use the form below to inquire about schedule possibilities on Sundays, Thursdays, or for alternate subject or instructor availability on the days shown above. Note that while we strive to maintain consistency in the program, instructor and subject availability may change from session to session.

REGISTRATION FEE: A class/materials fee of $2.50/scheduled lesson will be invoiced on each monthly invoice. There are no other registration/overhead fees assessed by the Lessons Studio at this time.

TUITION: Pricing for STAGES Private Lessons is as follows:

  • weekly 30-min lessons: $35/lesson (e.g., 4 lessons/month = $140) 
  • weekly 45-min lessons: $50/lesson (e.g., 4 lessons/month = $200)
  • weekly 60-min lessons: $65/lesson (e.g., 4 lessons/month = $260)
  • Audition coaching – pricing available upon request 

SCHEDULING & BILLING: STAGES Private Lessons are scheduled in monthly packages of 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons. A monthly lessons package automatically includes all of the available days in the month ahead (e.g., if you take lessons on Mondays, and there are 4 Mondays in the month ahead, you will be scheduled and invoiced for all 4 of the Mondays).  

The STAGES lessons year is divided into four 3-month sessions: Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov), Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb), Spring (Mar, Apr, May) and Summer (Jun, Jul, Aug).  You must commit to at least one month of lessons in order to register, and payment must be received before the first lesson takes place. You may pre-register for as many as 3 months (one full sesssion) at a time. That schedule can be continued into the next session at the mutual agreement of the student/family and the teaching artist.

Invoicing takes place the final week of each month for the lessons scheduled for the next month.  Payments will be due on the first of the billable month. (If you pre-registered for an entire 3-month session, you will be billed as those months take place – you will not have to pay for all of it up front). 

HOLIDAYS: STAGES observes all of the federal and Maine state holidays, as well as creating space for the observance of additional cultural and faith observances of our students and staff members. (A list of those holidays can be found here). If your lesson day falls on a date where STAGES is closed, you will NOT be scheduled or billed for that date. 

ABSENCES & MAKE-UP LESSONS: If you are unable to make it to your pre-paid, scheduled lesson due to an emergency, illness, or other absence, please contact your instructor directly by 10AM on the day of your lesson. If you cannot reach your instructor, call the STAGES office at (207) 699-3330 and leave a message with a staff member (or in a voicemail). If it is your first absence in the current 3-month session, your teaching artist will do their best to schedule a make-up lesson for you on a future date. STAGES will not schedule make-up lessons and will not provide refunds for additional absences in the term, or for no-shows.

Every effort will be made to make-up lessons missed due to snow days or teaching artist absence/emergencies. Note that the STAGES snow cancellation policy follows that of the Portland Public Schools, and is further influenced by the discretion of STAGES management for storms that begin during late afternoon/early evening hours or on weekends.

As mentioned above, STAGES will not schedule or bill you for lesson dates that take place on holidays observed by our organization; therefore there will be no make-up lessons scheduled for holidays.


Begin the Private Lessons Registration Process Below!

To begin the registration process (for ongoing regular lessons or short-term coaching sessons) please submit the following form — please include as many details as possible about your student’s interest in private instruction, and your general schedule constraints/preferences.