Private Lessons

Welcome to the STAGES Private Lessons Studio!


The STAGES Private Lessons Studio opened in 2021, offering online and in-person piano lessons with long-time STAGES music director, Rebecca Caron. In 2023, STAGES teaching artists Lauren Murphy and Colin Whiteman will begin to offer in-person voice instruction. We are delighted to expand our Lessons Studio to accomodate more students interested in process-based, customized private lessons!

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Why should I choose STAGES? Private lessons at STAGES balance the rigor of professional instruction with a uniquely mission-based STAGES approach allowing instructors to meet students exactly where they are at. With each lesson customized for the individual needs of each student, creative expression and student-teacher collaboration is encouraged, and all repertoire is welcome!

Do I have to commit to a full school year of lessons? Consistent, ongoing instruction and practice provides the best opportunity for really learning a new skill. We’d love to work with your student for the entire school year, and also know that kids and families are so busy! STAGES welcomes students to shorter-term lesson programs on a rolling, space-available, basis throughout the season – though, for scheduling and logistical reasons, we do ask for a minimum commitment of one month of lessons (see below for schedule and tuition details).

Is there a recital? While some students love performing in recitals, the fear of doing so keeps some kids from continuing with (or starting out at all) with music instruction. STAGES Private Lessons are designed to be accessible, non-intimidating, skill-building opportunities customized to the needs of each individual student. As such, there is not a formal recital at the end of the lessons season. We do feel it is important to recognize progress and celebrate success, and as such, we work with each student to find just the right way to joyfully share their work! Whether that looks like a short live performance, a studio recording, a family sing-along, or another sharing format, we look forward to watching each student shine!

I would like to prepare for an audition. Can STAGES help me with that? STAGES is always pleased to help our older/high school students prepare for college interviews/auditions, or regional/community theater auditions, using the same educational philosophy we use in all of our programs to help you unlock self-discovery, joy, and authenticity in your performance or audition. Just contact us using the form below! Please note: STAGES will not provide coaching for any student specifically preparing for a STAGES (or other youth theater) production. As a reminder, all roles in all STAGES productions are open to all registered students regardless of experience level. Casting preference will not be given to private music students, or students who have sought outside coaching for a STAGES show.

Do you offer lessons for acting, movement, or instruments other than piano? At this time, STAGES only offers regular, consistent, ongoing instruction in Piano and Voice . There are, however, Teaching Artists on our roster who will provide short-term acting coaching for students seeking support for college entrance auditions (please use the form below to make an inquiry). If there are other instruments or other types of lessons you’re interested in, let us know! If we aren’t able to provide instruction, we’d be happy to refer you to other amazing private studios in the area.

What are you doing to keep kids safe during the COVID-19 pandemic? Nothing is more important to us than the health, safety, and happiness of our students. Our COVID polices and procedures are robust, and may be stricter than those in place at your student’s school or other outside enrichment programming. You can read our most up to date general policies here at any time. Additionally, our lessons studio offers the following specific protocols for in-person private lessons:

  • The Student and Instructor will be masked at all times – with exceptions granted for voice instructors and students when observing faces is necessary for demonstration of vocal technique.
  • There will be as much physical distance as possible between the Student and the Instructor during the lesson.
  • There will be time in between each lesson for disinfecting surfaces, including the piano or other lessons-specific equipment.
  • There will be an air circulator/purifier running in the lessons room.
  • There will be no guests or visitors allowed in the lessons room (families can drop and go, or wait outside in the parking lot area during short lessons).


SCHEDULE: STAGES Private Lessons are scheduled in monthly subscription packages for 30min or 45min regular lessons.  Piano and Voice Lessons are offered in-person at STAGES (Piano lessons may also be conducted online in our Zoom classroom, at the preference of the student/family) on a space available basis, with appointments between 3:00PM and 7:00PM, on weekdays (and possibly other times upon request).

TUITION: Pricing for STAGES Private Lessons is as follows:

  • weekly 30-min lessons: $118/month (4 lessons/month) 
  • weekly 45-min lessons: $175/month (4 lessons/month)
  • Pricing for one-time or shorter-term lessons (for coaching, audition, college preparation, etc) is available upon request. 

To Register for Private Lessons

To begin the registration process (for regular lessons or one-time coaching sessons) please submit the following form — please include as many details as possible about your student’s age, and the type of lessons package for which you’re seeking information. For regular monthly subscription packages, feel free to indicate a preferred day of the week.