Rebecca spent most of high school telling her parents that she didn’t want to play piano professionally. She now plays piano professionally, and is sure that “I told you so” passes through her parents’ heads every time they see her.

Rebecca started taking piano lessons when she was about 8, but has been surrounded by music since birth – both her parents play piano, and she’s just one in a line of generations of musicians on her dad’s side of the family. Her interests and career goals have gone through several transitions – when she was little, she wanted to be a dancing farmer – but she played in her first theater orchestra when she was sixteen and got hooked.

Nowadays, Rebecca is a full-time music director, pianist and teaching artist. She travels around Central and Southern Maine, working with all ages in schools, community choirs, and theaters. She especially loves getting young people excited about the arts.

A member of the STAGES team since 2015, Rebecca is a music director, director, choreographer, teaching artist, the piano instructor in the private lessons studio, and many other roles!

Rebecca at age 8!