The STAGES Payment Plan

STAGES is committed to making our programs as affordable as possible for as many
area students as possible. Spreading out payments over a number of months is what
makes our programming possible for many students and their families.

Whether it takes two months or ten months, STAGES is committed to finding an
installment plan that works for each student.

Enrolling in a STAGES Payment Plan is easy.

1. Register online or by phone/email.
ALL STAGES programs offer online enrollment and standard payment plan options. If you want to customize your own payment details, contact us!
STAGES will work with you to find an installment plan that works for your budget – one that determines a number of months, and the (NON-REFUNDABLE) amount per month you wish to pay toward your outstanding balance. There are no interest or other penalties applied for enrolling in a STAGES payment plan.

2. You must provide a credit or debit card number to use for Payment Plan
installments. A NON-REFUNDABLE registration deposit will be due at registration – this will count as your first month’s installment.
This information is stored in our secure, online/hosted registration module. You may update bank card information at any time.

3. Choose your preferred monthly processing date.
STAGES processes Payment Plan installments on either the 1st or the 15th of each month. Pick the time of month that works best for you – you can also change this at any time.

4. Make a note of your payment plan schedule! STAGES will automatically
run monthly Payment Plan installments each month.
You will not receive a reminder before the processing date. Transactions on your credit/debit card statements will include the word “STAGES Youth Theater” or “Portland Youth Theater.” You may request a receipt, or update your information at any time.


STAGES can add any new balances to your outstanding balances, and then re-amortize the payment amount for the term of your existing payment plan. If you wish to extend the number of months or change any of your payment terms, we can also do that at no additional cost or penalty.

Be sure to review all STAGES Refund/Withdrawal Policies before enrolling in any STAGES program. Please review the most recent STAGES refund policy by clicking here.