Welcome Young Adventurers!

NEVERLAND - Square (1200 × 400 px) (Instagram Post (Square))PLAYVENTURE!
for ages 7-9 (school year) and 8-9 (summer camp)

PLAYVENTURE classes & camps are immersive, hands-on, role-playing/theater experiences designed to meet elementary/intermediate school-aged kids exactly where they’re at – building skills in story-building, problem-solving, teamwork, character creation, and foundational theater concepts. 

In PLAYVENTURE, your young person is a student of the Academy for Young Adventurers and must work together  with their fellow classmates to complete an epic adventure quest – customized by STAGES Teaching Artists in support of each semester’s theme. Each time we meet, students will attend “classes” with “professors” (played by costumed STAGES Teaching Artists), and learn the skills needed to complete the next chapter of the adventure! There are puzzles to solve, codes to crack, magical powers to unlock, and visits from special themed guests. The story continues each week, with a dramatic conclusion at the last class! 

Both narrative and interactive, PLAYVENTURE programs engage students to actively participate in the adventure in variety of ways, including:

  • Role-playing as self-designed Student characters (and also interacting with fellow Adventurers, Professors, and Special Guests in each session)!
  • Building and interacting with props, costume accessories, and scenery needed for the adventure!
  • Collaborating with other participants to move the adventure forward through conversation, decision-making, and reflection! 
  • Contributing to the narrative storyline in each chapter through creative play, improvisation, and BIG IDEAS!

Zero theater experience is required to join PLAYVENTURE and there are no expectations of memorization, reading, writing – all activities accommodate the wide range of early literacy skills found in this age range.  Additionally, there is no pressure of a formal “performance” element in PLAYVENTURE – rather, each series will conclude in a short invited sharing experience for family! 

Students are expected to arrive with nothing but their creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness to PLAY! If you have any questions about whether the program is a good fit for your student, do not hesitate to contact us!



Journey to Neverland, meet Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and try to outsmart Captain Hook! Faced with a new challenge, mission, or adversary each week, It will take creativity, collaboration, and resourcefulness to save the day!

THURSDAYS, 4:00pm-5:00pm. Sept 28-Oct 26
Tuition: $135