Visit Structure and Logistics

What grades can register for the program?
We will happily work with any grade from Pre-K through 12th! All STAGES programs are fully customizable to the unique needs of your grade level and curriculum

What if we want you to work with multiple groups of children?
STAGES is often contracted to deliver a program to an entire grade level of students. Our Education Staff will work with your grade-level team to construct a schedule that allows our Teaching Artists to work with all students on each day of the residency.

What is the typical class length?
We usually visit a classroom in-person for 60 minutes, or virtually for 30-45 minutes at a time. We are also happy to work with you to find a timeframe that works best for your needs.

Is there a performance?
STAGES programs are focused on process over product, so a mini-performance is an option but not a requirement! While there would not be a full performance in the traditional sense of the word (i.e. costumes, lights, props, audience of adults, etc.), there can certainly be a chance for your students to share what they have worked on with STAGES with their peers.

Is STAGES affordable?
STAGES recognizes that in these economic times, every dollar a school spends must be a well thought out decision. Pricing will vary based on the requested number of visits, amount of STAGES staff required to execute the program, curriculum planning time, materials costs, travel time, and other variables. Generally our past programs have fallen in the $900 to $3,000 range. We have successfully partnered with teachers in the past to co-write applications for grant funding to cover the cost of our programs, so please get in touch if that’s something you’re interested in! We will also gladly work within your budget to design a dynamic theater experience for your students, or a professional development opportunity for your school staff. 

Is there a virtual option?
Whether due to the current pandemic or location, STAGES offers the option of virtual, in-person, or hybrid programming. You can note your preference in this form, and also discuss which option is best for your school and students during your initial planning meeting.

What are your COVID Protocols?
All STAGES Teaching Artists are fully vaccinated and willing to adhere to any COVID protocol and guidelines that you might have in your school. 

Teacher Expectations

What is my role during your visits?
STAGES Teaching Artists are excited to collaborate with you and your students during the program. Our Teaching Artists are trained in classroom management techniques and are prepared to lead all activities for the period of time they are in your classroom. We encourage teachers to actively participate in the games and exercises we bring to your classroom, but also recognize that you may need to use the restroom or take a phone call while we’re here!

What should I have prepared for our initial meeting?
For the initial meeting you should be prepared to work with the Teaching Artist to develop a topic for your program, discuss ideas for standards we could cover during the program, and create a schedule for visits in the classroom. We would also love to hear about your classroom behavior systems and a bit about your classroom community so that we can be prepared to work with your class in a way that is consistent with your routines.

What materials should I prepare?
STAGES will provide all materials needed during the program. Our instructors will check in with classroom teachers if there is a need to store materials between visits. Unless previously discussed and agreed upon, we will never require teachers to work on STAGES-related materials outside of our planned times with your class.

Student Expectations

What are your expectations for students? 
STAGES will defer to school and classroom expectations first, and then introduce our own expectations for students. Our expectations are that students are respectful, safe, and brave.

What if I have some students who are not into doing theater?
STAGES is committed to working with every student to meet them where they are at in their creative journey. We will discuss the different roles in theater, from actors, to set and lighting designers, to directors! While most of our pre-planned residencies focus on acting, there is a job and place for everyone to be involved, even if acting is not your jam!

More questions about school programming? Contact Shannon Wade, Director of Education, at or (207) 699-3330.

“When you graduate from STAGES you wish you could do it all over again. STAGES helped me grow as a person and I truly miss it.”

DJ Nicholas, STAGES Alum

“Being in productions with kids who were older than me exposed me to a sense of artistic community that I never saw at school or at home.”

Owen Doane, STAGES Alum