Limited to 10 Students
DID YOU KNOW how many different things are involved in theater?! Spend the upcoming school year learning about performance styles, theater design, and other aspects of theater as part of the new Young Performers Ensemble. Meet new friends, learn with dynamic STAGES teaching artists, and discover new skills with special Master Class instructors from the Portland theater community (and beyond)! No experience is required to join this fun, skill-building program designed to be the bridge from the play-based programs for younger students to our performance ensemble programs for ages 12+. 

The Young Performers Ensemble is a NEW two-semester program, meeting on Tuesdays from 3:30PM-5:00PM, beginning on October 5, 2021 and concluding on March 29, 2022. The Ensemble will NOT MEET on the following dates: Thanksgiving Week (November 23, 2021), The Ensemble’s Winter Recess (between Wednesday December 8, 2021 and Monday January 17, 2022) and the week of February 21, 2022 (February School Vacation Week).

There are four 5-week program units within this two-semester program. New students may start throughout the year, by joining on the first class date of the second, third or fourth program units. Those dates are: November 2, 2021 (Unit 2 start), January 18, 2022 (Unit 3 start), and March 1, 2022 (Unit 4 start). Program tuition will be prorated for late start dates.

Tuition (for a January 18, 2022 start): $250.00 (installment plan options available)
PLEASE EMAIL to enroll in this program for the January 18, 2022 start date. Payment installment options are available! Please plan accordingly – all STAGES Tuition Deposits are Non-Refundable, except in the form of an account credit to be used toward future programs.

Please note: We hope and expect to be able to hold this program in our theater during the school year. We also acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic is still evolving in ways we cannot predict. In the event of a pandemic-related or other disruption that would make in-person rehearsals and performances impossible, this program will transition seamlessly (in whole or in part) to an online format with a digital presentation.

WE RESPECTFULLY ASK THAT YOU DO NOT REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM IF YOU/YOUR STUDENT ARE UNWILLING TO PARTICIPATE IN AN ONLINE FORMAT SHOULD THE NEED ARISE. There will be NO refunds for this program unless it is formally and fully cancelled (without in-person or online options) for any reason.


What is it? The STAGES Young Performers Ensemble is a fun, skill-building, theater program for students ages 10-11, serving as a bridge from the play-based programs for younger children to the main stage performance classes and ensembles at STAGES. The Young Performers Ensemble will provide students with an age-appropriate, judgment-free space to learn about theater, try out different performance styles, and to prepare for the collaborative, ensemble nature of the STAGES programs for older students. This will be the very first Young Performers Ensemble at STAGES Youth Theater!

Do I have to commit to the entire year? The Young Performers Ensemble is a full, fall to spring commitment. There will be four 5-week program units within this two-semester program. If space permits, students may be able to start while the program is in progress, by joining on the first class date of the second, third or fourth program unit. Those dates are: November 2, 2021 (Unit 2 start), January 18, 2022 (Unit 3 start), and March 1, 2022 (Unit 4 start).

All late registrations will be inclusive of all of the remaining program units at the time of registration (in other words — it is not possible for a student to pick and choose non-consecutive program Units). Tuition for late-start registration will be pro-rated to reflect only the remaining program Units at the time of registration. Please contact us if you are interested in starting after the September 28 (Unit 1) start date.

How much theater experience is expected of students participating in the Young Performers Ensemble? All experience levels are welcome — and NO experience is required! This is a skill-building and practice space designed specifically for students to learn foundational theater skills and about working in a theater ensemble format. STAGES Young Performers are expected to arrive with nothing but enthusiasm, openness to learning new things, and a desire to work collaboratively for the entire school year with fellow ensemble members and teaching artists.

Will there be a final show? The Young Performers Ensemble is primarily a space for learning, sharing, and practicing theater skills. While we may borrow source material from existing theatrical works, there is no singular show/play that the ensemble will be preparing for the entire year. It is our hope that each of the four program units will end with an open studio family-sharing presentation to celebrate our new skills and demonstrate progress. These in-person family sharing days will be contingent upon current pandemic conditions on those dates. Thank you for your understanding.

My student would be a great fit for this program, but is not quite 10 years old yet. Can you make an exception? If a student’s 10th birthday takes place before the half way point of the program (December 31, 2021), STAGES will gladly honor these requests. We ask only that parents/caregivers use their discretion in deciding (based on maturity, general readiness, and ability to work collaboratively with other students) whether the Young Performers Ensemble (ages 10-11) or our PlayVenture program (ages 8-9) is a better match for your older 9 year old. If you wish to enroll your 9 year old student in the Young Performers Ensemble, you will need to contact STAGES to do so, as our registration system will not permit you to do so.

Do you have more questions about the Young Performers Ensemble? contact us any time!

“Thank you STAGES for helping me make friends. Thank you for helping me come out of my shell. Thank you for providing a safe place for me to explore myself and my art.”

Brooke Papineau, STAGES Alum

“STAGES brings together people who may not have met otherwise and allows kids to develop the skills to make friends in a setting outside of school. Without theater, some of my dearest friends would be strangers to me.”

Colby Marvin, STAGES Alum