Theater for Young Audiences (TYA)

Bring your children — or your classroom! — to a Theater for Young Audiences experience at STAGES!

At STAGES, we believe every theater going experience for any age should be “what did I just see?” special – and that one’s first theater going experiences as child should be absolutely magicalWe believe children are not passive audience members – they are artists, creative problem-solvers, and fearless thinkers with limitless potential for doing good in the world.

That’s why STAGES is incredibly excited about our Theater for Young Audiences (TYA) program – designed to develop and professionally produce exceptional new dramatic work specifically for young children (ages 4-9), their families and educators.

STAGES TYA Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend STAGES TYA Performances?
Anyone of any age! While our original plays are developed for children ages 4-9, the STAGES TYA experience has been designed to be appropriate and enjoyable for everyone.  Children, teens, parents, grandparents and educators will leave a STAGES TYA experience full of wonder, ready for creative thinking and big ideas, and to ask questions about the world around us.

I’m an educator. Can I bring my students to a STAGES TYA Performance?
YES! Each STAGES TYA show includes school-group performances scheduled on weekday mornings. See below for information about our upcoming TYA School Shows – and for information about booking school groups – please email STAGES Education Director, Shannon Wade ( 

How do I purchase single tickets to a TYA Performance?
Tickets to our public weekend performances may be purchased through our online box office, or on the day of the show (starting one hour prior to the show’s start time). 

What can I expect at a STAGES TYA Show?
STAGES TYA productions are professionally performed by adults. These talented, fun, kid-friendly Maine actors also serve as teaching artists during your interactive STAGES TYA visit.  
We strive to present TYA not just as an event, but  an experience – one that actively engages young people and their families from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave.

TYA at STAGES includes three parts:

    • Pre-Show: Upon arrival, audience members will engage with lobby displays and activities designed to inspire creative thinking, and provide an introduction to the world of the play before the show even begins.
    • The Show:  STAGES TYA plays are original works, rigorously workshopped and tested for months through our development process.  While themes vary, audiences can expect that each STAGES TYA play will be relevant, charming and visually stunning.  
    • Post-Show: TYA doesn’t end when the show ends! After the performance, audiences engage with the actors and teaching artists in Q&A sessons, and an interactive theatrical workshop based around the themes of the play.


SongBirdWithLargerTextTHE SONG BIRD – September 25-29, 2019 
During a big Super Scouts camping trip, three kids hear the same strange music coming from the Big Woods and set out to investigate. At the campfire that night they are surprised to hear each other’s three wildly different explanations! With visual storytelling and plenty of music, THE SONG BIRD explores active listening, collaborative problem solving, and finding value in each person’s perspective. MORE INFORMATION HERE.


THE CARDBOARD BOAT – May 15-19, 2019 
In the small seaside city of Belleport, Captain Sam is ready to embark on a brand new ship’s maiden voyage. Sam’s friends are a little skeptical; it’s only the first day of summer vacation, and Sam’s boat is made of cardboard! Undeterred, Captain Sam sets off on an adventurous journey filled with sea creatures, ocean encounters….and quite a bit of trash! With big heart and big imagination, The Cardboard Boat explores caring for our oceans, finding beauty in everyday things, and how one person can make a big difference. MORE INFORMATION HERE.

LETTERS FROM THE SKY – February 1-8, 2019
“Life in Brookhaven was constant and predictable, like the stars.” That is, until a young girl starts communicating with a new friend from outer space! The adults in town think she is just pretending, but when the young girl’s space friend plans a visit to Earth, the citizens of Brookhaven must decide how they will welcome this visitor from another planet. With playfulness and joy, Letters from the Sky explores finding wonder in the world around us, challenging the status quo, and how we share community with those from different places. MORE INFORMATION HERE.

“Being able to think outside of the box and put yourself out there, especially as a child, teaches you how to be a confident, well-rounded person. I know I don’t know where I would be without youth theater.”

Eliza Skidgel, STAGES Alum & Employee

“Inclusion, confidence, empathy, support. STAGES teaches life long lessons that go far beyond any stage. There is NO youth theater experience like it.”

Julie Fournier, STAGES Parent