You have reached the advance online ticketing portal for the upcoming production of SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE. At this time tickets are available ONLY to the parents/guardians of cast-members. If you are not the parent/guardian of a cast-member, please do not purchase tickets below. Tickets will open to the general public on July 1, 2019.  If you are a parent/guardian – read on for more details about how to purchase tickets to this production. Thank you!

This special advance purchase period will extend through Sunday, June 30, 2019. During this time, ONLY parents of cast-members may purchase tickets. If you have questions about ticketing for this production, please contact box office manager Benn May at or call us at (207) 699-3330.

This family-only purchase period operates on an honor system
. Please adhere to the following rules, all of which were designed to ensure every family has access to tickets to the show. STAGES reserves the right to immediately return/refund any tickets purchased outside of the limits and rules outlined below.  Thank you for helping us make sure every cast member has someone in the audience cheering them on!


  • You must adhere to all ticket purchase limits indicated below. Any additional tickets purchased during the advance purchase period will be immediately returned.
  • Only parents/guardians of students may purchase tickets.
  • If your student splits their time between multiple households, it is your responsibility to share this ticketing information with other households. If you would prefer STAGES to send the information to other households in your students’ family, you must inform STAGES of this, and provide a contact email address. The number of tickets purchased by all households must not exceed the ticket limits listed below.  Any tickets purchased in excess of the limits listed below will immediately be returned. Additional tickets will be available for purchase after the family period ends.
  • If you have two students in the same cast, the same ticket rules and limits apply to each student.
  • Do NOT give this ticketing link to non-cast members.
  • Do not panic about the ticket purchase limit. Not every family purchases up to the ticket limit. If you require additional tickets, all remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public on Monday, July 1. You may purchase additional tickets at that time, as well.

Please fully and carefully read all of the following information. We know it’s a lot. Thank you for your time and consideration!

OPENING NIGHT COMPLIMENTARY TICKET:  Each student in the cast receives one free opening night ticket. Your complimentary Friday night ticket has already been reserved for you, and you do not need to account for it in your online/additional ordersIf you are NOT planning to attend the opening night performance, and would like to use your comp ticket for one of the other performances, please contact Benn May immediately (at to make arrangements to do so.

TICKET PURCHASE LIMITS: During the FAMILY-ONLY advance purchase period you may purchase up to TWELVE tickets to the performance – only TWO of which can be purchased for opening night, with the remaining TEN of which can be spread out over the remaining two performances at your discretion. This total of 10 tickets does NOT include the complimentary ticket for Friday that has already been reserved for you (which would make a total of THREE tickets for Friday night if you purchased your TWO additional tickets for opening night). You do not need to purchase any tickets for Friday’s opening performance, and may also use all twelve of your tickets for the Saturday and/or Sunday performances instead.

ACCESSIBILITY CONCERNS: After purchasing your tickets,  please let us know ( if anyone in your party requires special seating consideration (aisle seats, wheelchair accommodation, etc) and STAGES will work with you to make sure your party is seated comfortably.

CONTENT/AGE  RESTRICTIONS:  SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE is a fictional biographical journey of the life of the painter Georges Seurat.  It focuses both on the relationship between the artist and the people around him, and also on the relationship between the artist and his artwork.  There is very mild adult themes/innuendo, and some strong words/ language.  There are no firm age restrictions for this show – because of the complexity of the intellectually intricate plot STAGES believes the musical play is best suited for audience members ages 10+. This show is a full-length musical performance, with an estimated run time of approximately two+ hours. 
Please use discretion when purchasing tickets for younger audience members and remember that, as a courtesy to our student performers and fellow audience members, it is STAGES’ policy to not admit infants, toddlers or young children ages 4 and under into any mainstage performance. (click here to learn more about our Theater for Young Audiences productions)

TICKET CHECK-IN: There will be NO paper tickets issued for this performance. Pre-paid tickets will be held in the form of a will call list. You and all of your party members will need to check in with this list at the box office table (opens one hour prior to performance start time).

Friday, July 12 – 7:30PM
Saturday, July 13 – 2:00PM
Sunday, July 14 – 2:00PM 

Tickets for all seats of all performances are $13.00. There is only one ticket price for the show.  All tickets are for GENERAL ADMISSION SEATS. ALL TICKET SALES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE (exchanges MAY be possible pending availability).

Choose your performance date(s) and time(s). You will have the opportunity to add tickets and change quantities in one transaction below. You do not need a PayPal account to use this PayPal checkout system. If you have any questions about ticketing for this production, please contact Box Office Manager, Benn May at




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If you have any questions about ticketing for this production, please contact box office manager Benn May at