(September 1, 2020 – Update)


As we continue to make our way through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, STAGES continues to consider the unique challenges presented by our year-round focus on musical theater. Singing together continues to be one of the highest-risk group activities known to spread the COVID-19 virus. For the first time in over a decade, STAGES will not be offering a fall musical experience. Simply put: in-person, group singing is not a risk we’re willing to take at this time.

This has been an extremely difficult decision – we love musical theater! But we love YOU – our students and families – even more. We are focusing now on new, innovative, SAFE ways of connecting with everyone as the global health crisis continues to unfold.

Our Fall semester includes virtual programs for all age groups and a very limited number of small, in-person programs for our older students. While our programming looks different this fall, our mission remains the same. We are addressing new challenges with creativity and we continue to offer a safe space – in person or online – for enrichment, friendship, and self-discovery during what has been an isolating time for so many young people.

Fall programs can be reviewed by clicking here.

We are monitoring the rapidly evolving pandemic parameters during this critical back-to-school time, to inform our next steps with regards to our on-campus, in-person programs. We expect to release updated/new Fall health & safety guidelines soon. If you are interested in reviewing our STAGES Summer Guidelines, we invite you to do so at any time. 

Thank you for your support of STAGES as we reinvent our program to meet the requirements of this “temporary normal”. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time with questions or concerns.


Our refund and cancellation policies have been updated to reflect the new realities of our program. Both the (unchanged) Summer refund/cancellation policy, and the new 2020-21 refund/cancellation policies can be found by clicking here.

While the financial and organizational impact of the pandemic on our organization is significant, we doing everything we can to provide new, innovative and fun opportunities for young people to safely connect with one another during this isolating time. If you would like to support STAGES as we continue to adapt our programs and spaces this fall, you may do so by clicking here.

STAGES continues to follow the business re-opening guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the State of Maine. We continue to meet with youth theater program directors in Maine and from across the country about critical health & safety considerations, and the innovation of new youth arts programming for this unprecedented time.

At this time, STAGES has no current plans for the coming school year to do any of the following things until early-mid 2021 – at the earliest:

  • present live musical theater productions
  • allow for in-person music instruction or singing activities at STAGES
  • welcome live audiences (of any size) back to our theater for any reason 
  • welcome students under the age of 9 for in-person programming 
  • accommodate in-person groups of more than 10-15 students (ages 9+) at a time

We will update all of the information on this page as things continue to evolve. Thank you for your understanding and support of our organization. We are doing the very best we can to stay open, stay safe, and stay connected with our mission and our community.