SHELTER IN PLAY – April Vacation Camp!

Shelter in PLAY! with STAGES Youth Theater

It’s tough to spend so much time inside. We feel you! No matter if you’re 8, 18, or somewhere in between, we all need a creative outlet. Thankfully, theater can happen anywhere, so join us from the comfort of your couch to have some fun, connect with other students in our community, and flex your creative muscles!

Our Shelter in PLAY April vacation camp program is open to any kids (any where!) ages 8-18. There is no tuition fee for this program (though there is an oppportunity to make a donation of any amount to STAGES).  All you need is a Zoom-enabled platform, your imagination, and the things in your home! 

Please review the following information and contact us if you have any questions!

Daily Schedule

UPDATED 4/19, 1:30PM: Thank you for your interest in next week’s camp program. At this time the camp is full, but we are still taking names for the waitlist, and hope to be able to accommodate a few more students for some/all of the days. To sign up for the waitlist, please contact us right away with your student’s name, and a list of the dates for which you’d like to add your student’s name.

Each camp day is designed to be a stand-alone experience! So… drop in for one or two days, or join us for the whole week — choose your own at-home adventure!

MONDAY 4/20  |  9:30am-noon
Storytelling & Script Writing
Suggested supplies: paper (of any kind!), writing implement (of any kind!)

TUESDAY 4/21  |  9:30am-noon
From Costume to Character
Suggested supplies: hat, piece of fabric (could be a blanket, or article of clothing!), glasses or sunglasses

WEDNESDAY 4/22  |  9:30am-noon
Music & Movement
Suggested supplies: a spot in your home that allows you to dance and move around

THURSDAY 4/23  |  9:30am-noon
Exploring Puppetry
Suggested supplies: one sock, and 3 small objects (such as a spoon, a ball, a piece of cardboard, etc…)

FRIDAY 4/24  |  9:30am-noon
Play in a Day!
Suggested supplies: A fun outfit, 5 objects that make noise in different ways


Please use the Google Form below to register your child(ren) for this camp program. While there is no tuition* for this program, we do require all participants to be registered in advance, so we can maintain the security/safety of our online Zoom classroom, and so we can plan accordingly based on number of enrolled students.

We encourage our families, friends and fans who are able to do so, to consider a donation in support of STAGES Youth Theater as we adapt our programs and continue to provide a safe, nurturing space for our homebound students to connect with their creativity – and most importantly, each other – during this challenging time. Thank you!